Pastor Malone

Pastor and Sister Malone moved to the amazing city of Bellevue in July of 2015 bringing their beautiful daughters, Eliana (12) and Chloe (10).  They have four grown children with three beautiful grandchildren.

Pastor Malone received the Holy Ghost at the Rock Church in Sacramento in 1984 after being educated in business at Humboldt State University. Pastor felt a call to the ministry shortly after and began his theological studies within the “Pastors Course” written by Dr. Nathaniel Wilson.  Several years before Wilson University was established, Pastor Malone attended College at the Rock and was used in a myriad of ways in ministry to help grow the Rock Church.

In 1996 Pastor founded La Piedrita Mision which later changed its name to La Roca.  With his experience in Spanish and multilingual studies, Pastor was able to help the Spanish ministry grow and flourish.  In 1999, he founded Rock Tabernacle in Rancho Cordova and saw incredible growth in a short time establishing a Sunday school of over 65 kids, a thriving charter school campus and multiple inner city ministries.   In 2005 The Rock Church began a significant “new building” process and Pastor felt it necessary to help integrate bus ministry and discipleship as well as help sustain membership maturity.  Under Pastor Young and Bishop Wilson, Pastor Malone established Mentoring ministeries, several buses reaching over 150 kids in Sunday school, interpretation booths, Spirit Life with over 300 graduates and a thriving outreach ministry.

After being directly under Bishop Wilson and Pastor Young, Pastor and Sister Malone began to fulfill ministry in Montana and later were instrumental in helping to building the Hope Training Center as missionaries in Roatan, Honduras. In September of 2012, Pastor experienced an emergency heart surgery and was forced off the island and at the age of 51, forced to “wait” on the Lord for the next phase of ministry.  Remarkably, Pastor always felt an affinity for the Northwest and specifically, Bellevue, WA. After much prayer, and faith in God’s perfect timing, God opened the door for them to come and Pastor Sanctuary of Praise.

We are forever grateful for all the preaching, teaching and ministry of Bishop Kern.